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Service tel:

+ Service tel:0577-67950222
+ Service fax:0577-67950221
+ Service email:kaizheng@kz-v.com

The service pledged:
Our company insists on the target and purpose: “Serve the customers, take responsibility for them and satisfy them” Now we openly and seriously promise to all the clients:
1) Intensify the quality control system, perfect the quality guarantee system, strictly carry out the standards and contracts, and provide credible products in time.
2) The products' quality-guarantee time is 12 months, calculating from the invoice date. (Under the condition that the customer abides by the storing using rules and the using time should not exceed 12 months of the delivery time from the factory.)
During the guarantee time, if there is any quality problem, our company is in charge of replacing or sending back the products.
3) If there is any malfunction after the guarantee time, our company will offer the users the best service with payment.
4) According to the request of the customers, our company affords technical consultation and quality tailing after service.
The service explained:
1.Free service;
(1) The quality problems caused by the manufacturing process.
(2) During the guarantee time, the quality problems caused by non-human reasons under the condition of proper use.
2. Paid service
If there is any malfunction after the guarantee time, our company will offer the nice service with payment.
3. Products from other companies or counterfeits do not belong to the scope of the service.
If you want to order the valves series, please consult the catalogue and give clear indication of the information about the standard, type and technical parameter (Working Temperature; Working Pressure, Displacement, Medium Character etc.)
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